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Can you imagine a world where everyone is kind?

My name is John M. Sweeney. I'm the founder and chief kindness officer of a global social movement called Suspended Coffees. I believe that kindness matters to every one of us. So much of what I do centers around kindness. I know just how powerful an impact it can have, on communities as well as workplaces.

For more than three years I have led a worldwide kindness movement called Suspended Coffees. Each week our messages of kindness and hope reach over 2 million people. We have over 2000 cafes in 34 different countries supporting our movement. We've inspired countless acts of kindness throughout the world. I started Suspended Coffees because I want to live in a world where people say kind things to one another, a world where bullying and negativity no longer exists, and random acts of kindness are a regular occurrence. Every day I work with countless people across the globe to make this dream a reality.

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John is one of those people that can change your life just by spending time with him. The way he approaches every human interaction has for me redefined what it means to be human.If you want to feel good about the world and or open a window into how you can be a better person then getting John to coach you or speak for you is an absolute must.

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Many people haven’t been able to create happy, fulfilled lives for themselves or their families, yet we all deserve that happiness. I can’t claim to know everything about making a happy life, but I have learned many skills and techniques along my own kindness journey. Through kindness coaching I empower people to be kinder to themselves by figuring out what it is they want to do, where they’re going in life, and what they’re passionate about.

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Whether I’m speaking to a group of 5, 50, or 500 people I want to connect with everyone in that room. I’ve done my job as a speaker when each person who’s come to see me leaves that room knowing one thing they can do to make improvements in their job, and with their friends and family.

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JMS workshops are designed to introduce, illustrate and affirm the value of kindness in our lives; kindness to oneself as well as to others. Kindness benefits all of us in all walks of life – in the ways we talk to ourselves and in our interactions with others, at work and at play. As Sophocles once said, kindness begets kindness. In today’s terms – kindness is contagious.

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